Your Journey Into World Heritage Your Journey Into World Heritage  

The Tablelands Way is a themed touring route that runs along the western fall of the mountains connecting the Capital Country of Canberra and Goulburn with the Hunter Valley.

The Tablelands Way shares many of the roads and experiences on offer throughout the Greater Blue Mountains Drive, while presenting a different perspective from which to connect with these.

It is this diversity of experience - the way the same country can be appreciated from different points of view - that enriches any journey across the Australian landscape.

Inbound Connections

View a map detailing the Inbound Connections to the Greater Blue Mountains Area

There are three information gateways by which people commencing their journey from Sydney can connect with the Greater Blue Mountains Drive. Find out more about the Inbound Connections to the area.

Themed Touring Routes

In addition to the Driving Routes, there are two recognised 'Themed Routes' along the Greater Blue Mountains Drive: Botanists Way and Tablelands Way.