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Find out more about the features, attractions and landscapes of Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Oberon.

Mountain Bike Tours

Walking tracks are off limits for mountain biking, but many of the management tracks which are closed to vehicles and some public roads are good for riding. These are a few classic rides (all in Blue Mountains National Park and accessible by train), but seek local information:

  • Woodford-Oaks Trail: A solid ride from train to train, Woodford to Glenbrook, but through quite remote country.
  • Faulconbridge Point: Grose Road on the north side of Faulconbridge leads to an impressive lookout over the lower Grose River.
  • Narrow Neck: A spectacular ride from Katoomba with views off both sides of the peninsula.
  • Ridgewell Road: An enjoyable ride out of Blackheath to Burra Moko Lookout over the upper Grose Valley.