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Find out more about the features, attractions and landscapes of Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Oberon.

Short Walks

There are so many! The central Blue Mountains has probably the greatest number and variety of short bush walks anywhere in New South Wales. They range from strolls of just a few minutes to a lookout, to full day hikes across rugged country and are located in the national parks of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Areas as well as local reserves. Always seek more detailed information on particular walks from local brochures and information centres. Tracks may be closed for repair or because of storm or fire damage. The main walking centres are summarised below. Some tracks, especially at Wentworth Falls and Blackheath, are easily reached from the train.

  • Bells Line of Road: As well as the more formal paths of Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, there are many walking tracks spread through this area. Highlights include the Cathedral of Ferns at Mount Wilson (short and easy) and Walls Lookout (one hour return) and Mount Banks summit (2-3 hours return) on the rim of the Grose Valley.
  • Wentworth Falls: The main escarpment track network can be accessed from either Wentworth Falls Picnic Area or The Valley of the Waters Picnic Area. There are easy tracks to lookouts and along the cliff-tops, and longer circuits down waterfalls and through the valley. National Pass is a justly famous and historic 4-hour walk.
  • Leura: Leura Cascades Park is the main trackhead. The Leura Cascades and Round Walks are the shortest tracks. They link to the Prince Henry Cliff Walk and Fern Bower for longer excursions.
  • Katoomba: The main track system connects to the local roads at Narrow Neck, Scenic World, Katoomba Falls, Echo Point, Silver Mist Park and Fern Bower. Cliff-top tracks and long valley walks are linked by steep descents down rainforest glens with waterfalls. Down the Giant Stairway to Federal Pass is one of the most popular.
  • Blackheath: The Grose Valley tracks include plateau walks along creeks and cliff-tops and big walks through Govett Gorge. Access from Blackheath village, Pulpit Rock, Govetts Leap Lookout and Evans Lookout. The Grand Canyon circuit (3-4 hours) and Pulpit Rock track (3 hours return) are classics.
  • Mount Victoria: Victoria Falls is an energetic descent into the upper Grose Valley, while the Blue Mountains Crossings tracks around Mount York explore historic roads.
  • Newnes Plateau and Wolgan Valley: A series of walks explore the relics of the historic oil shale industry and Newnes Railway. The Glow Worm Tunnel can be reached from Newnes Plateau (1 hour return) or the valley (4 hours return), the Newnes Ruins Track takes 2 hours, and the rugged Pipeline Pass can be followed to Glen Davis (4 hours each way).
  • Jenolan Caves: A series of walks explore the limestone karst landscape. One even goes underground through the Devils Coachhouse!
  • Kanangra Walls: From the carpark, walks lead to the main lookout (easy, half hour return), Kalang Falls (1 hour return) and Kanangra Tops (2 hours return).